Leading toward a supportive learning environment

Happy New Year & Welcome to the Spring 2022 Term

January 2022

I hope the Winter break provided you all with the opportunity to enjoy good food, a lot of laughter, special times with family and friends, and with much-needed rest.

As I reflect on the Fall term of this school year, I have very mixed emotions. On one hand, it has been so wonderful to have returned to a more “normal” sense of being. Watching our students interact socially and academically, witnessing the efforts of our athletes, celebrating student and staff accomplishments, and simply being together has reminded me of the “why” I chose education as my profession. The other hand? Well, these past two years have been the most challenging of my professional life, let alone my entire life, as I have watched our students, staff and communities struggle. I am asked questions, looked to for guidance, and have demands about matters outside of education that I am not equipped nor able to answer...but perhaps more importantly, matters that I am unable to change.

As a Father, I know the love for a child. As a Teacher, I know how to help students succeed. As a Coach, I know how to mentor an athlete to thrive. As an Educator, I know how to advocate for students. That’s what I do.

That advocacy has always been and will continue to be my commitment to you and all of the students I serve. I feel fortunate to work with a Board of Trustees who, collectively, have over 135 years of service advocating for the students of our communities. They have attended, worked at, were parents of students in our schools and have diligently served through many trying times. I have no doubt that they would all agree that the issues we face right now are the hardest on many levels. Thankfully, through these difficult times, they will keep their eye on the overarching goal of supporting our students to be successful after high school.

I don’t know when, but there will be a day when COVID won’t be discussed at every turn. I look forward to that day and know that when the time comes, our students will still be thriving because we continue to advocate for their educational opportunities.

In the midst of all of this chaos, let’s focus on what’s important...educating our students. Please take the time to reflect on the accomplishments of our students during these times ~ athletic champions, National academic achievements, obtaining college credits while in high school, not to mention the activities that they have planned and held for their peers. Simply amazing and I couldn’t be more proud of all of our communities. Students, staff and families...thank you for being a part of this District.


Dr. George Sziraki

PUHSD Superintendent

George S. Sziraki, Jr., Ed.D.

Desirée Atkins
Executive Assistant


Dr. Sziraki began his service with Placer Union on July 1, 2013. He brings to the Placer Union team extensive experience in teaching, coaching and administering in a high school setting.

He became Assistant Superintendent of the Merced Union High School District in 2008. While in that position---instituting and directing new initiatives in instructional improvement---the MUHSD showed strong growth in the areas most often cited when measuring quality of school districts.

Dr. Sziraki loves the high school environment, looks forward to the challenges ahead, and will forge forward in addressing the district commitment to student learning by creating supportive environments for students and staff.