Chromebook Update


We believe access to a digital tool---like the cloud-based chromebook---can enhance learning, improve engagement, and advance students' important technical and organizational skills. The timing of this initiative runs parallel to our teachers developing lessons that will demand more student writing, in-depth reading, and relevant research. The Chromebook provides students with a powerful tool to accomplish what's expected of them as they advance their learning. 


All diploma-bound students are included. We believe our 1:Web effort makes sense at this time in education: 

-Academic expectations around writing, reading and effective research ramp up in high school; 

-Students need to learn the productivity tools of a modern-day workplace to be college and career ready. 

-Assessments are delivered online, be they classroom-based or state tests. 

1:Web refers to a learning environment where students have "anytime-anywhere" access to web-based resources as well as the digital tools that allow students to create, curate and collaborate. 

Bring Your Own Device?

Due to our limited campus guest Wifi, instructional design around consistency of device, secure browser requirements, and district network protocols, we do not support personal laptops on campus in lieu of an issued district chromebook. Here is our Student Use of Technology Notification explaining our use of chromebooks and G Suite for Education. 

While there is no substitute for the powerful educational relationship fostered between teacher and student, providing equitable and guided access to this type of tech tool has the potential to enhance learning and assist students as they journey toward college and career. 

*Students are to have their Chromebook charged and ready to use every day. 

*Students will continue to use their Chromebook until graduation.

Privacy of Student Data

Visit our webpage dedicated to privacy of data, and please read our letter to families regarding the security of student information. This is an effort to provide you assurances, state our commitments, as well as be responsive to society's fast-changing technology landscape. Also addressed are the latest California statutes on student data protections. Privacy Letter to Families

Here's a short video on your privacy choices on the Chromebook (or in the Chrome browser). Check it out.

Web Content Filter

Parents interested in receiving a weekly digest of their child's browsing history can sign up for Securly™. 

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