Family Notices

We invite you to review our educational notices, letters & flyers. 

Parents annually "sign-off" on the most pertinent via their Aeries Parent Portal

These docs are posted year-round for your reference. 

Documents Publicly Posted

Professional Standards (Code of Conduct) Policy

Contact: Elena DalFavero, Title IX Co-liaison - 530.886.4400

All board policies and administrative regulations are found at: 

Student Placement in Mathematics

AR 6152.1: Placement in Mathematics Courses

California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE)  Testing Dates

                                                                   CHSPE webpage:

CHSPE phone number: 866-342-4773



The California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System is utilized by all California public schools.


The California High School Proficiency Exam - optional for juniors & seniors.


Transferring from a neighboring district to PUHSD or visa-versa.


From a PUHSD school to another PUHSD school--i.e. Colfax to Maidu.


California Health & Disability Prevention provides health screening