Accurate and Equitable Grading Practices

PUHSD's Commitment to Accurate and Equitable Grading Practices

In 2016, PUHSD began our work with Joe Feldman, the founder and CEO of Crescendo Education Group and author of Grading for Equity, to examine and address the inherent inequities in traditional grading practices. Since, our district has had four cohorts of teachers who have participated in a year long training focused on understanding the principles of grading for equity and who conduct action research to assess its impacts. Our work with Feldman and district leadership has resulted in the adoption of a new Board policy that ensures grades are a measure of student learning and not tied to discipline, biases, or external factors.

Three Pillars of Equitable Grading Practices

  1. Accuracy

  2. Bias-Resistant

  3. Intrinsic Motivation

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Remaking the Grade | Matt Zalaznick

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