The Communications Department is responsible for media, community relations and District-wide communications. The Department also produces many of the PUHSD publications, newsletters and internet content. 

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Sarah Rath, Communications Officer


COMING SOON-PUHSD is transitioning to ParentSquare for school-to-home communications! This will start with parent registration in late Spring 2023 with use starting in Summer 2023. 


Getting Started Documents- English/Spanish

Parent Overview Video- English/Spanish

Parent 101 Course- This is a 20 minute Parent Square Course to help you 

12 Parent Square Questions and How Schools can Help


COMING SOON-PUHSD is working with a company called GoKid to implement a school carpooling program called GoKid Connect

As we recognize the lack of bus services in our area is negatively affecting many families, this GoKid Program may be helpful to many.  More information and the ability to register will be made available in August.  The Program is optional.

Here is a quick video of what the Program entails ~ GoKid Connect demo - parent experience - Watch Video