Pupil Services

What We Do

Our student support team includes School Psychologists, Mental Health Specialists, School Nurses, Speech Therapists and Vocational Education Specialists---all of whom ensure your child's educational experience is safe, healthy and productive. 

Who We Are

Lisa Facha
Administrative Assistant

Trista Groth
Secretary, Special Education

Sascha  Bowlin
Mental Health Specialist

Jennifer Ward Dixon
Mental Health Specialist

Nicole Porter
Mental Health Specialist

Alicia Ackerman

Samantha Hugger


Scott Lafayette


Heidi Moore


Maria Munro

Alyssa Myrick

Laura Owens

Karen Fullerton
Speech & Language Pathologist

Hannah Robbins
Speech & Language Pathologist

Rebecca Quentmeyer
Speech & Language Pathologist

Rebecca Brandon
Workability Education Coordinator

Carrie Warda
Director of Pupil Services

School Nurses

Get to know Chelsea and Jenny at their Nursing Services website

Mental Health Specialists

Get to know Sascha, Jennifer & Nicole at their Mental Health Specialist website.


Vocational Specialist

What Rebecca Brandon Does

Workability provides comprehensive pre-employment skills training, employment placement and follow-up for special education students who are making the transition from school to work, independent living and post-secondary education or training. 

Speech Pathologists

What Karen, Rebecca & Hannah Do

As Speech-Language Pathologists, we work with students to assess, diagnose, and remediate disorders related to speech and language functioning. We work on articulation, voice, fluency, expressive and receptive language, comprehension and social skills in relation to student academics and learning. Our goal is to help students become more successful in the classroom and community.

The National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline has been updated to a three-digit dialing code.  Call or text if you or a loved one needs help. 

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