Individualized Health Care Plans (ICHP)

Who should have one?

Students with mild to severe health care needs who require frequent nursing services at school, or students who have health conditions that have the potential to result in a medical emergency should have an IHCP. Each IHCP is individualized to meet the needs of the student.

What is the purpose of an IHCP?

The IHCP helps assure consistent and safe health care for the student, and sets procedural guidelines that provide specific directions about what to do in a particular emergency. Below is a list of health conditions that the school nurses will create an IHCP for and email to the student's teachers. These are serious health conditions that teachers need to know in the event of a medical emergency, including what procedures to follow.

Conditions that merit an IHCP:

Seizures, Asthma, Diabetes, Irritable bowel syndrome (ex: Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis), Heart related issues, Severe Allergic Reactions (ex: bee stings, sea food allergies), History of fainting, Bleeding, Blood issues, Concussions.

Conditions that IHCP is not created for:

ADHD/ ADD, mental illness or mental issues. Below are attachments of Individualized Health Care Plan (IHCP) templates that are used in the school system. **If you do not want your child to have an IHCP, or for their IHCP to be emailed to their teachers, please send an email to the school nurses at

Allergic Reaction HCP Example

Asthma HCP Example

Diabetes Type 1 HCP Example

General HCP Example

Headache/Migraine HCP Example

Inflammatory Bowel Disease HCP Example

Seizure HCP Example