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First-time users, check your email after August 1 for information about activating your portal account. If you're having difficulty, contact your school directly or email Stacy Petrovich at
Log in to the portal to update your child's information and review all annual notices. Once complete, your child's schedule will be viewable on the portal or handed out at your school's launch event. 

Sign up for plans, make online payments, and come to appreciate our kid-friendly nutrition program! (Free & Reduced Meals BP 3553 & AR 3553.) To apply or  simply pre-pay for lunches, visit our website. Go there.

Sign up for bus passes with our transportation partners at Mid-Placer Transportation.  Go there...

Parents interested in receiving an email each Wednesday with a digest of their child's browsing history can sign up here

Plan to enroll in our Chromebook Protection Plan after August 1. The cost is $30 for a single year or $75 for all years, payable at your school office. See the details and deadlines by clicking the link below. If you have questions, contact us at 530.886.4440. 
We keep you up-to-date with our home communication system: SchoolMessenger. To replay messages previously sent, call (855) 608-5585 and follow the prompts, or use our SchoolMessenger app 
. The app also allows you to customize your contact preferences. You can also simply sign up online at Do it today and get your messages the way you want.

Once in your "parent" portal, look for the Perm ID# next to your child's name on the info tab. This is the password for all students to activate their own G Suite account. Visit the Resources for Students page for details on their username and password. Once a student is able to check this account, they'll soon receive a message explaining how to activate a "student" Aeries portal account to keep up with their grades.

Aeries Internet Registration (AIR) is for transfer students or for incoming 9th graders who didn't attend a PUHSD foundation elementary school. To access AIR, we have kiosk computers available in each school office.  
If you have questions about enrollment or residency requirements, please call or visit your local school office.
We hope to welcome you and your child to Placer Union very soon! 
Only students where a hardship exists will be considered for an Intra-district Open Enrollment transfer. Hardship applications will be considered between January 5, 2021 and January 29, 2021.  
For information on open enrollment within our district, contact us at 530-886-4434. 

The Student Transfer application should be completed as early in the year as possible. If you wish to transfer into our district, you must first complete a transfer form from your current district of residence and also provide your student's most recent grades, attendance, and discipline notes, if any, upon receipt of the application being sent to our district office.  If you wish to transfer out of our district to attend a school in another district, please fill out the form below and send it to our district office at 13000 New Airport Road, Auburn, CA 95603. For information, contact the District Office at 530.886.4434.
Check in with our friendly office staff whenever you pay a visit to any of our campuses. They will check you in and provide any direction you need to find your way around. (Campus Visitors AR 1250). 

While families review and acknowledge most of these notices through the Parent Portal, we also post all required notifications on our Family Notices webpage. Go there.

School Closures
When urgent, emergency notifications are phoned to all households. Closures and weather conditions may be announced on these stations: 
  • KAHI - 950 AM
  • KCRA - Channel 3
  • KNCO, Grass Valley - 830 AM
Take a look at questions from the California Healthy Kids Survey, which are administered each fall to 9th and 11th graders. Preview!

Please review the plan explaining our district's approach to keeping our campuses free from unwelcome animal guests. For more perspective, watch a video trailer provided by the State of California.

Opting Out

Each year, we participate in a program that identifies all seniors who may be eligible for a CalGrant to attend college. If you do not want your daughter or son to have their name and student ID submitted to the California Student Aid Commission, please fill out this form by September 17. Closed for 2020-21

CA College guidance initiative OPT-OUT
Placer Union participates in the CA College Guidance Initiative to help our students explore and plan options beyond their high school diploma (parent letter sent 10/3/19 regarding CCGI partnership). To opt your child out of this partnership involving shared student information, please complete this form by October 15, 2019. Click for form.

Each year, we participate in a program that identifies all seniors who may be eligible for a CalGrant to attend college. If you do not want your daughter or son to have their name and student ID submitted to the California Student Aid Commission, please fill out this form by September 17. Closed for 2019-20

Click to review a letter to parents regarding all of our state testing, with more details below. This letter also includes information spelling out opt-out requirements, governed by administrative regulation approved by the PUHSD Board of Trustees.

Online Testing

An individualized student score report is now viewable via the Aeries Portal. Here's where to click once logged in.

You'll hear teachers talk about this assessment as the "S-BAC" test, which stands for Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. It's a national exam that students take each spring. Here's a video explaining the Smarter assessment. 

In addition to the individual student score report (see above), Smarter results also provides school-wide scores that reflect how well we are preparing students for college and career.

Finally, here's a letter to parents regarding all of our state testing. This letter also includes information spelling out the opt-out requirements, governed by administrative regulation.

CA Assessment Guide

Parent guide for California online tests: Click here.

CA Curriculum Guides

English curriculum brochure: Click here.
Math curriculum brochure: Click here. 

Resources for Students         


Here's your parent handbook for the school year. (en Espanol)

Title IX Information - please select this link for information about Coordinators, Training, Policies and Procedures.




For simple, fast and safe drug or mental health help.

 Student Data Privacy

Visit our Privacy Principles webpage to learn about the efforts of our Student Privacy and Data Security workgroup. Also, read our letter to families regarding student information. This is an effort to provide you assurances, state our commitments, as well as be responsive to society's fast-changing technology landscape. Also addressed are the latest California statutes on student data protections. Privacy Letter to Families

No WiFi for Distance?
If you're making a trip near a PUHSD high school, students can sync their account by connecting to our open public WiFi. There are many ways to utilize a chromebook offline. Also please see the list of Affordable Internet Access provided by the State of California.

WiFi Affecting Meets?

Seal of Biliteracy

Learn more about our Seal of Biliteracy and the requirements to earn this special status at graduation. Click here...

Contact Info

Map & Directions
District Address
13000 New Airport Rd. 
Auburn, CA 95603

Master Calendar

Math Placement

As guided by the CA Mathematics Placement Act of 2015 (SB 359), Placer Union assesses all incoming frosh within the first month of school to ensure proper ability placement in math class.

Be a Foster Family
We need Placer Union families to serve as foster families so that some of our students can remain enrolled in our supportive schools. 

College Credit Classes

Opportunities for dual credit / dual enrollment classes with Sierra College are now available. These offerings are typically more advanced classes where a student earns credit for their high school diploma and simultaneously earns credit on a college transcript. Sierra College has been our forward-thinking partner in the effort. 
  • AAD 70: Intro to Digital Design @ DOHS & PHS
  • AAD 79: Intro to Video Production @ DOHS & PHS
  • AGRI 196: Intro to Sustainable Agriculture @ DOHS, PHS & FHS
  • AGRI 221: Intro to Soil Science @PHS
  • BIOL 56: Biology: A Human Perspective @ MVCA
  • CET 3: Construction @ PHS & CHS
  • CET 5: Construction @ PHS
  • DFST 4: American Sign Language (ASL) 4 @ DOHS
  • ENG 1A: English 11 @ DOHS, PHS & MVCA
  • ENG 1A: English 12 @ PHS & MVCA
  • ESS 1: The Environment and Human Impact @MVCA
  • HIST 17B: U.S. History @ MVCA
  • HIST 51: World History @ MVCA
  • KIN 81: Intro to Kinesiology @ DOHS & PHS
  • KIN 83: Physiology of Fitness @ PHS
  • MATH 13: AP Statistics @ CHS & MVCA
  • MECH 8: Principles of Electronics @ DOHS
  • SPAN 3: Intermediate Spanish @ DOHS, PHS & MVCA
The following Sierra College courses are offered at Placer and Del Oro but are open to all PUHSD students. Each is scheduled to accommodate 1st and 4th block students traveling between campuses. Ask your child's counselor for registration information. 
  • HSCI 3:  Medical Terminology @DOHS & PHS
  • HSCI 7:  Emergency Medical Responder @DOHS & PHS
Several courses are articulated for dual-credit with other post-secondary institutions.
  • CSC 10: Programming 1 @ DOHS (SacState)
  • Environmental Management @ FHS (Butte College)
  • Fish and Wildlife Management @ FHS (Butte College)
Ask your child's counselor about this opportunity to get a jump on college. 

*Notice: There may be college grade and athletic eligibility considerations when taking dual-credit classes. Ask your child's counselor.

Distance Learning

We've offer courses via a distance format that utilizes our technology infrastructure and the talents of some amazing faculty. Offerings are broadcast live from one campus to another via Chromebox for Meetings equipment with TV monitors and 2-way audio. 
  • AP Stats - Ms. Koester
  • Calculus A/B - Mr. Pietromonaco
  • Calculus B/C - Mr. Pietromonaco
  • AP Spanish - Mr. Belles
  • French 2 - Ms. Breton
  • French 3 - Ms. Breton
  • French 4 - Ms. Breton
  • AP Art History (asynchronous) - Ms. Sylvester
  • AP Junior English (11) - Ms. Schopfer
  • Psychology - Ms. Doyland
  • U.S. History (asynchronous) - Mr. Hildinger

PUHSD Events

Register to Vote

Did you know your child can pre-register to vote as soon as s/he turns 16? Don't wait until 18; encourage your child to sign up for this civic right and privilege as soon as they turn the Sweet 16!  Click here.

Destiny Quest Library

Your child can choose great "reads" like they're on Amazon and then pick them up while on campus. They can reserve the latest fiction title today and share an online review once they've turned the last page.
Here's how to navigate Quest.

Online Tutorials

Encourage your son or daughter to hone their math and English skills by checking out these how-to videos created by PUHSD faculty. Click...

School Report Cards
Review the School Accountability Report Cards (SARC), updated annually and submitted to the California Department of Education.