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*New* Account

All students have a G Suite account with a unique username and password. 

For all students in 2020-21, we have a new username and password convention. 

If you have questions, contact chromebook@puhsd.us.

2. Username format: 
last name + first initial + two digits of graduation year 
Example: Steph Curry currys20@puhsd.k12.ca.us 
(If unsuccessful, there may be a duplicate name. So for Steph, he'd add a second letter of his first name. Example: curryst20@puhsd....)

3Password format:
Permanent ID #
For example: 2223334444
(This is on your student ID cards.)

Change a password?
Students: You may update your password after initial login. Just be smart about what you choose. Pick a pass-phrase of a favorite song and include a capital letter and punctuation.

Still not successful?
Call Ms. Zito: 530.886.4440 or email tzito@puhsd.k12.ca.us.

From any G Suite App 
FYI: You can always find any G Suite app. Examples:

Where's my Portal?

The Aeries Portal is a separate service to view grades, assignments and attendance. Once you have an @puhsd.k12.ca.us G Suite student account, look for an email to connect to a student Portal account. Once there, click here to log in.

What did I accept?

Every student enrolled in a Placer Union school is provided a student use of technology notification which requires an acknowledgment by both child and parent, either through the data confirmation process on the parent's portal or by signature. It is presented at the beginning of each school year or at the time of student transfer. Here's our Student Use of Technology Notification.

New Student?

Your account is created as soon as you enroll in one of our schools. Just follow the directions to the left to activate your Google Apps for Education account. It's already waiting in the wings for you. :)

Forgotten Password?

If you're locked out of your account, fill out this online form. You'll hear back from us within a day, if not sooner. If you have specific questions, contact Ms. Zito at 530.886.4440. 

Transcripts Request

Please complete this form for transcript requests from graduation years PRIOR TO 2000. Other requests will be taken from the High School direct.  Unofficial transcripts may be emailed.  Official transcripts will be mailed to the designated address. (If an official transcript is needed for college, please provide the college address.) Transcripts will be processed and mailed within 1 week of submission.


Log in to your account: 


All graduate accounts remain open until August 1. For the graduating classes of 2015 to 2019, accounts have been closed but not deleted. If you need to your account temporarily reactivated, email tzito@puhsd.us. Transfer your student account to a new Gmail account using Google Transfer.

to Vote

Did you know you can pre-register to vote as soon as you turn 16? Don't wait until you're 18; sign up for this civic right and privilege now!  Click here.

Seal of 

Learn more about our Seal of Biliteracy and the requirements to earn this special status at graduation. Click Here...