Supporting a "cloud-based" learning environment.


Thanks for your interest in Placer Union High School District's plan to place a new Chromebook in the hands---and backpacks---of its sophomores. We hope this webpage will assist in addressing your questions. If you don't find an answer, feel free to submit your query to our support email:

Who Participates? 

All sophomores in our comprehensive high schools (and now juniors who received Chromebooks last year) are included in our 1:Web* (One-to-Web) initiative. We believe kicking off our 1:Web effort with a quality, low-cost device during the 10th grade year makes sense: 
  • Academic expectations around writing, reading and research ramp up; 
  • Sophomores take the California High School Exit Exam, of which writing an essay is a critical component. 
  • Spring of 2015 is the inaugural year of the new national exam---and it's all online! 
*The term 1:Web refers to a learning environment where students have "anytime...anywhere" access to World Wide Web resources and the digital tools that allow students to create, curate and collaborate. 

Seniors, Juniors* & Frosh?

In select upperclass courses, shared carts of digital devices for in-class use are available. There are also some seniors participating in pilot projects leading to the deployment of distance education classes within our school district.

Know that seniors are always allowed to bring their personal device to campus, whether it's an iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Surface, Kindle, or Nook; it's what many schools describe as a "bring your own device" learning environment. As with the Chromebooks checked out to sophomores, students take full responsibility for keeping their device secure and are asked to use it appropriately and only at appropriate times.

Note: Each teacher determines whether it is appropriate to use a digital device in their class. 

As for freshmen, our 9th graders have access to a full complement of technology via Frosh Tech Essentials, the use of iPads in Biology, and library lab access in Frosh English. They can also bring their own device from home if deemed helpful to their studies.

*Juniors will continue to use the Chromebook they receive last year.

Your Chrome Account...

Visit the Student Resources webpage for all the necessary info on your account. 

Forgotten Password?

If you're locked out of your Chromebook, fill out this online form. You'll hear back from us within a day, if not sooner. If you have specific questions, contact Ms. McBain at 530.886.4440. 

Build your Portfolio...

All students build a portfolio in Tech Essentials. Now it'll be easy to post one's best work from each course---from sophomore year on through to graduation. 

Even a project you've built in shop or crafted in art can be photographed and posted. Animations, research papers, timelines, digital maps---all can be posted digitally. 

Where's my Textbook? 

We have a limited number of adopted textbooks available via computer. What we are anticipating is the gradual emergence of open source textbooks that our teachers will review over the coming years. Meantime, we still have traditional classroom textbooks available for in-class use as well as for students to check out for home use.


We want to address any concerns or questions you have. We're also open to your ideas and input. Email us at Chromebook Support: 

No WiFi @ Home?

Don't worry. Chromebooks can function quite well "offline" without access to the Internet. We will help students set up offline access at your school's Chrome Event. 

Why Chromebook?

We believe access to a digital tool---like the cloud-based Chromebook---can enhance learning, improve engagement, and advance students' important technical and organizational skills. The timing of this effort in PUHSD runs parallel to our teachers developing lessons that will demand more student writing, in-depth reading, and relevant research. The Chromebook can provide students a powerful tool to accomplish what's expected of them as they advance their learning.

*Last year, our teachers of Sophomore English and World Studies were the first faculty to incorporate this "anytime access" into student lessons. Junior teachers are now incorporating Chromebook access into their classes as our students advance in their high school years.

*Faculty in other departments may also tap into the possibilities that come with digital access in class; for example, students in teams might share a laptop to create a project.

While there is no substitute for the powerful educational relationship fostered between teacher and student, providing equal and guided access to this type of tech tool has the potential to enhance learning and assist students as they journey toward college and career. 

*Students are expected to have their Chromebook charged and ready to go every day. 

*Limited charging and storage stations are available on campus.

*Students will continue to use their Chromebook up until graduation.

VIDEO: Tour Chromebook and fire it up.

Data & Privacy...

A question came in from a parent about privacy of student data. Here was our response that we thought worth sharing with our entire parent community: 
"On the Chromebook, users can only log in to a PUHSD Google Apps account ( that's very different from a Gmail ( account. Our web history is turned off for all users, "safe search" policies are enforced while browsing, and students will never see advertisements on our Google Apps services (Drive, Calendar, Blogger, Mail, Sites, Google+). Overall, we believe it's a more safe and secure user experience than a free Gmail account."
Do you have more questions? Email Gregg Ramseth at:

We've also added a short video on your privacy choices on the Chromebook (or in the Chrome browser). Check it out.

Cool Covers...

Cool, colorful, hard-shell covers are provided to each student. Students not only get to select their preferred color, but they can also affix stickers to these covers for added customization. School stickers are available at student stores.

For more serious protection, consider a padded cover. Here's an inexpensive cover that's available online:
And are you ready for a backpack upgrade? Try these on for size:

Care of...

This document explains how best to take care of your Chromebook.


You are responsible for the care and condition of your Chromebook. If you lose it or damage it, you will be responsible for its replacement. If there are circumstances beyond your control that led to the loss, school officials in consultation with your parent(s) will make the final determination as to financial responsibility and liability. 

Knowing of this liability, families might consider a very reasonable insurance option we've negotiated with Worth Ave. Insurance. Visit our custom insurance webpage (, designed for our families to investigate and purchase insurance for a child's laptop. This is an optional service. The following forms also explain the process and claim procedure. 
FAQs on Insurance:

1. How soon must I purchase the insurance after receiving the Chromebook? 
There is no enrollment period. The insurance option is open for parents to enroll at any time.
2. Is it best to purchase consecutive 1-year coverage? 
That is up to you as the parent. However, we have suggested enrolling on a yearly basis. With advancements in technology and as newer models come out, the coverage amount needed this year for your Chromebook may be less next year. Just remember that each year you need to re-enroll.

Protecting Privacy & Protecting a Chromebook

We've added a short video on your privacy choices on the Chromebook (or in the Chrome browser). Check it out.
And here's an inexpensive padded cover that's available online:
Finally, visit our insurance webpage to purchase insurance: 
Scroll down this webpage for more details.

Resources for Students         

Resources for Parents           

Resources for Staff                

Chrome Events

  • Foresthill
    August 21 & January 15
  • Colfax
    Wednesday, August 27
  • Placer
    Wed/Thurs, Sept. 3 & 4
  • Del Oro
    Wed/Thurs, Sept. 10 & 11
  • All events held in the library

  • What to bring:
    Student School ID
    County Library Card...if you have it
    Credit card...for optional insurance


Preview Docs

Please preview the following docs that will be shared in detail at your Chrome event. Each answers questions about responsibility, care, and use of the student Chromebook. If you need clarification or have input on these docs, please email:

If you have a county library card, bring it.


Placer Union is thrilled to announce a Chromebook partnership with Placer County Libraries. Staff from your local branch library---Auburn, Colfax, Foresthill or Loomis---will participate in their local high school's Chrome event. In addition to providing a place for wifi access, their commitment is to offer our students unlimited access to the county's entire collection of e-books and research databases. Each student receiving a Chromebook will be issued a Placer County library card and ID# which will offer online and in-library access to these abundant resources. Thank you, Placer County Libraries! You are truly part of the public good in our community.

Internet Safety...

There is a plethora of information online about the power of media and Internet safety. One of our favorites is Common Sense Media. This link takes you to resources geared specifically to older teens, ages 15 - 17. 

While our high school children are fast approaching young adulthood and may seem to have tech-savviness beyond their years, there are still plenty of remaining opportunities and teachable moments before they leave our household. Excellent information is readily available that can assist us as parents and educators to help guide our youth toward smarter decisions while online.

Filtered Access...

While your child will be accessing their Google Apps---Docs, Slides, Sites, Blogger, G+---while engaging in their school work, they will also have access to the web for research and relevant content. 

Our campuses are fast-expanding filtered WiFi access so that students with Chromebooks or other digital devices can access the web. 

Our school district is currently has deployed a content filtering system for Chromebooks that will block content similar to what is blocked on our school campuses. This would affect student browsing regardless of where they use their device.