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English Learners

Cheryl Tribelli: 530.886.4418 

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Gifted & Talented

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Carrie Warda: 530.886.4418

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Food Closet Options (en Español)
Video of foster parents: The Montoyas
Foster Youth/Family Info: Koinonia
Foster Youth CA Wellness Website

Homeless Education

Carrie Warda: 530.886.4418

Today's high school "homeless" student may appear differently than how the media portray the stereotypical homeless population. We often use the term housing transition. Learn more by watching this short video. Click here!

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Career Technical 

Gregg Ramseth: 530.886.4447
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Special Education

Ramona Brockman: 530.886.4419
Carrie Warda: 530.886.4443