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Family Notices

We invite you to review our educational notices, letters & flyers. All parents digitally sign-off on the most pertinent via each parent's unique Aeries Portal. These docs will be posted for your reference throughout the school year. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Gregg Ramseth at

Documents for Annual Review

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~ Informative links to CHDP, Affordable Care Act, Myers Stevens, etc.

Other Documents Publicly Posted
    Professional Standards (Code of Conduct) Policy & Exhibit

    Uniform Complaint Procedure Policy & Admin Regulations

    Sexual Harassment Board Policy (BP 5145.7 Students, ref Title IX)
    Contact: Elena DalFavero, Title IX Co-liaison - 530.886.4400

    All board policies and administrative regulations are found at:

    Notification of CA High School Proficiency Exam
    ~ Notification in Español
    CHSPE webpage:
    CHSPE phone number: 866-342-4773

    Glossary of Terms:

    The California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System is utilized by all California public schools.

    The California High School Proficiency Exam - optional for juniors & seniors.

    Transferring from a neighboring district to PUHSD or visa-versa.

    From a PUHSD school to another PUHSD school--i.e. Colfax to Maidu.

    California Health & Disability Prevention provides health screening

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