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Mental Health Services

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What We Do
Mental Health Specialists work with students, families, school staff and community members to promote positive school experiences and create systems of support for student wellness.

Carol Lambert, Jennifer Ward Dixon, Nicole Laubach
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Information and Resources
Community Resources:
Bullying Prevention - the Importance of Kindness:
Gender issues:
Mental Health:
School/Classroom Issues:

    Resources for Students

    Resources for Parents

    Resources for Staff


    Nicole Laubach
    Mental Health Specialist
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    Del Oro High
    916.652.7243 x1123

    Carol Lambert
    Mental Health Specialist
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    Colfax and Foresthill High Schools

    Jennifer Dixon
    Mental Health Specialist
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    Placer, Confluence and Maidu High Schools
    530.885.4581 x 5708

    Teen issues: