Securing a supportive learning environment using best privacy practices.

Privacy Principles

What We Do

The Digital Safety & Data Security workgroup is one of three teams involved in Placer Union's Tech Think Tank (T3) planning process. (Other include IT Infrastructure & Educational Technology.) The team is tasked with informing staff, students and parents the importance of data security by modeling best privacy practices.
Where We've Been
The privacy work of PUHSD is featured in a case study by Clarity, a educational data analysis company. Their BrightBytes Digital Privacy, Safety and Security platform provides the team a self-evaluation tool to measure progress across the district as well as an extensive library of best practices. See the tool here and the case study here.

Did You Know: SS#s & Immigration Status

No Social Security numbers are stored in our student information system. While an SS# is required to issue a work permit, it is only entered temporarily and then immediately deleted. Also, no immigration status information is collected or stored in any fashion in the PUHSD.

PII: Personally Identifiable Info

PII is any data that could potentially identify an individual, like a combination of an email and birthdate. Whenever possible---especially in electronic correspondence---we do not include information that would allow a person outside of our educational staff to determine the identity of a student. Often, staff only use initials in correspondence.

Where We're Going

At an annual faculty meeting, we present information to ensure we all are committed to the best practices in data privacy and security.

Release of Directory Information

During annual data confirmation, parents are provided the opportunity to opt-out of any release of directory information on their child. For board policies related to student records and release of directory information visit Examples of directory information include the following:

RELEASE OF DIRECTORY INFORMATION.  California law allows the following directory information to be disclosed by school officials:  student name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized sports and activities, weight and height of athletic team members, dates of attendance, awards received, and the most recent previous school attended. Directory information released to PTAs, Alumni Association, law enforcement agencies, military recruiters and institutions of higher education may include a student’s name, address, e-mail and telephone number. 

Data Breach Policy

If we are informed of a data breach, we notify affected parties as soon as possible. We also follow up with reminders of best practices to staff and faculty, regardless of the source of the breach. 

Review board policies regarding student records, release of directory information, and data breach practices by visiting our Gamut site. Type in a key word to find the accompanying policy or regulation. For example: 

As per 5145.6 Board Exhibit: 
In the event of a breach of security of district records, notification to affected persons.

Education or Other Legal Code: Civil Code 1798.29
Board Policy/Administrative Regulation #: See BP 3580

Subject:  Types of records affected, date of breach, description of incident, contact information for credit reporting agencies

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Privacy Letter

Please read our letter to families regarding student data. It is an effort to communicate assurances, state our commitments, as well as be responsive to society's fast-changing technology landscape. Also addressed are the latest California statutes on student data protections. Read Privacy Letter to Families.

Data Security

All student data are stored securely at Placer County Office of Education. PCOE has established a "fortress" design to their data center and back up all information daily at an off-site location, ensuring recovery in most any disaster. 

All data is transmitted through encryption protocols (HTTPS:) via a student information system (Aeries SIS). Passwords to Aeries change every 180 days, with an industry-standard complexity. Staff are not to auto-save or use auto-fill features when it comes to their Aeries SIS password. Read the email sent to new staff regarding password protocols---read Email to Staff.

PUHSD operates 3rd party systems that tap into Aeries on a "minimal information required" basis. Examples include food service, library service, and parent notification. We ask vendors to comply with our data security expectations by having them sign a Vendor Confidentiality Agreement

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