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RELEASE OF DIRECTORY INFORMATION.  To be notified that California law allows the following directory information to be disclosed by school officials:  student's name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized sports and activities, weight and height of athletic team members, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, and the most recent previous school attended.  Directory information released to PTA's, FOCUS, CHS Alumni Association, law enforcement agencies, military recruiters and institutions of higher education may include a student’s name, address, e-mail and telephone number.  Parents may request in writing that directory information not be released.  Any request to withhold directory information must be received by the school within 7 days from this notice.  (2001 No Child Left Behind Act, § 9528(a)(2); 34 CFR § 99.37(a)(3).)

Where We've Been
In February 2017, Evergreen Education Group released a 16-month study that includes a research profile of Placer Union HSD and how it has utilized the Google Suite of software and devices. These "Impact Portraits" highlight ten districts from around the globe. Visit their website which lists all the districts or click straight to the Placer Union profile

Click through our Tech Trek slide deck, dating back to the "ancient history" of the early 90s. If you have questions, email: chromebook at

Where We're Going

Placer Union is embarking on a spring series of Tech Think Tank (T3) meetings to determine priorities moving forward. Three areas will be under consideration by a diverse team of staff, faculty & community. 
  • Instruction that leverages Chromebooks for student learning
  • Student data privacy protections and data security
  • Technology infrastructure to support future uses
Dates for these meetings are: Feb 23 @ Colfax; Mar 9 @ Placer; Mar 23 @ Foresthill. If you have ideas or input for the planning team, please email: chromebook at

The domains listed below---part of a transformation framework shared by the Google EDU team---will serve as a guide as we navigate through our T3 planning process. 

And for a future look at technology in schools, take a look at the 2016 Horizon Report, a product of extensive research and forecasting by The New Media Consortium and CoSN

Fall '16 IT Review

In Fall 2016, a team from School Services of California conducted a review of Placer Union's IT infrastructure, software systems, and practices. The visiting team's recommendations were presented at a January 2017 Board of Trustees meeting and will be thoroughly reviewed during the district's Tech "Think Tank" planning meetings. (see above for "Think Tank" dates)

Teacher Tech Essentials

Since 2016, eighty-two faculty have become Google Certified Educators. This involved extensive online preparation as well as a secure 3-hour online assessment. Faculty support was provided by Placer Union's tech coordinator teachers: Joel Agee, Darren Belles, Isaak Egge, Don Isbell, Christian Kinsey, Ashley Lopez, Dan Wilson, Wade Wolff & Nick Zerwas. The presentations below are two teachers' reflections. Thanks to Colfax's Sarah Schopfer and Del Oro's Joel Agee. 

Resources for Students

Resources for Parents

Resources for Staff

Privacy Committee

Gregg Ramseth

Data Privacy Liaison


Maureen "Mo" Ward

Board of Trustee member

Stacy Petrovich

Student Information Support

Shirley Hall

Placer Librarian

Mike Divine

Colfax Librarian

Michael Farnham

Placer High Systems Administrator

Lisa Fitzinger

Foresthill High Systems Administrator

Sarah Schopfer

Colfax High Teacher

Dan Wilson

Placer High Teacher

Joel Agee

Del Oro Teacher

Isaak Egge

Chana High Teacher

Greg Sloan

Instructional Coach

Cris Everett

Placer High Assistant Principal

Chromebook Info

Thanks to our parents and community for the support and enthusiasm they've demonstrated for our 1-to-Web initiative. 
New for 2016-17 is our Chromebook Protection Plan. Check out our Chromebook Update for the latest or email chromebook at your questions. Learn more...

Docs & Links

Privacy of Data
Please read our letter to families regarding student information. This is an effort to provide you assurances, state our commitments, as well as be responsive to society's fast-changing technology landscape. Also addressed are the latest California statutes on student data protections. Privacy Letter to Families  Do you have privacy questions? Contact our digital privacy  liaison using the email: chromebook at

Distance Learning

We offer courses via a distance format that utilizes our technology infrastructure and the talents of some amazing faculty. Offerings are broadcast live from one campus to another via Chromebox for Meetings equipment with TV monitors and 2-way audio. 
  • AP Statistics - Mr. Hild
  • Calculus A/B - Mr. Hild
  • EAP Senior Math - Mr. Siebels
  • French 1/2 - Ms. Young
  • French 3/4 - Ms. Breton
  • AP Art History (asynchronous)- Ms. Sylvester
  • AP Physics - Mr. Hild
  • AP Junior English (11) - Ms. Schopfer
  • U.S. History (asynchronous) - Mr. Eichman & Mr. Hildinger
Thanks to these pioneering educators for their dedication.

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