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Welcome to The Hub. Check out our high school pathways and get to know our dedicated and innovative CTE faculty. Have questions? Contact Gregg Ramseth: gramseth at

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What's this CTE?
Career Technical Education is not your father's woodshop, but it is a series of rigorous courses that make up a pathway leading to a promising, high-wage, high-demand career. Here's the official definition courtesy of our colleagues at the California Department of Education
  • A program of study that involves a multiyear sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge to provide students with a pathway to postsecondary education and careers. (Follow CDE and CTE in CA on Twitter.)

11 Elements of Quality CTE?
The 11 Elements of High-Quality CTE are driving pathway development throughout the PUHSD. Beyond industry-standard equipment and facilities, the Elements promote leadership skills for students, outreach to the middle grades, promotion to the business and parent communities, professional development for our faculty, and more. 

Industry Cert Assessments
Precision Exams are aligned to careers, providing a certification that students can use to articulate what it is they have learned during their pathway coursework. While these assessments do not take the place of demonstrated, hands-on learning, they do hone in on the key competencies identified by national industry experts in career technical education. 

Virtual Work-based Learning
Coming in 2017, Nepris is an online social network that connects classrooms with professionals passionate about their career. There are live events and archived conversations that can bring the world of work into our career centers, classrooms and labs.

Life-Ready, Career-Ready, College-Ready

Below is the #LifeReady plan PUHSD is rolling out to students. Give us your feedback by emailing Gregg Ramseth: gramseth at 

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College Credit Classes

Opportunities for dual credit / dual enrollment classes with Sierra College are now available. These offerings are typically more advanced classes where a student earns credit for their high school diploma and simultaneously earns credit on a college transcript. Sierra College has been our forward-thinking partner in the effort. Classes for 2016-17 include:
  • MATH 13: AP Statistics @ Colfax, Foresthill & Placer
  • MECH 8: Principles of Electronics @ Del Oro & Placer 
  • AAD 70: Intro to Digital Design @ Del Oro & Foresthill
  • AAD 79: Intro to Video Production @ Del Oro
  • CET 5: Construction @ Placer
  • ENG 1A: English 11 @ Del Oro
  • ENG 1A: English 12 @ Placer
  • ENG 1B: English 12 @ Del Oro
  • DFST 4: American Sign Language (ASL) 4 @ Del Oro
  • SPAN 4: Spanish 4 @ Colfax
One course is articulated for dual-credit with Sacramento State.
  • CSC 10: Programming 1 @ Del Oro
Classes are limited to select high school faculty. Ask your child's counselor about this opportunity to get a jump on college.

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