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The Career-Ready Hub 

Welcome to Placer Union's Career-Ready Hub. Check out our high school pathways that encourage students to be workplace-ready. Learn more about how Career Technical Education prepares learners for their futures while closing the skills gap for employers across the country.

By The Numbers
We've summarized a busy 2017-18 for Placer Union CTE, all in a single doc. Check it out. Or click through our CTE Update board presentation below.

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Industry Certificates

Precision Exams are aligned to careers, providing a certification that students can use to express what it is they have learned during their pathway coursework. While these assessments do not take the place of demonstrated, hands-on learning, they do hone in on the key competencies identified by national industry experts in career technical education. See the Precision Cert list: Career CertificationsAdministering a Precision Exam? These links can help.

Powered by Partnerships

Whether it comes to programming, innovation and funding, CTE in PUHSD is powered by partnerships, fueled by relationships. Funding partnerships include:
  • Sierra College Community College
    Whether it's dual-credit collaboration, the STEM Collaborative, the Hacker Lab, or events like the Non-Traditional Employment for Women (NEW) event, Placer Union is constantly calibrating and aligning with our community college partners. Twitter: @SierraCollege
  • PCOE CTE Works
    Extended CTE opportunities are available from our partners at CTE Works, formerly 49er ROP. Pathways include health careers, dental careers, fire science, vet science, and more. Twitter: @placer_coe
  • Placer County CTEIG Consortium
    A Placer County consortium of school districts, with leadership from Placer County Office of Education, manages CTE Incentive Grant funding that is improving opportunities for student through the lens of the 11 Elements of Quality CTE---see link to the right.

  • U.S. Department of Education Perkins V
    The U.S. Department of Education allocates funding for career and technical education programs. 

Don Isbell with his Foresthill High students visiting the Innovation Center (makerspace) at Folsom Lake College.

11 Elements of Quality CTE
The 11 Elements of High-Quality CTE are driving pathway development throughout the PUHSD. Beyond industry-standard equipment and facilities, the Elements promote leadership skills for students, outreach to the middle grades, promotion to the business and parent communities, professional development for our faculty, and more. 


Be an Industry Champion
Help inform our CTE faculty and assist in making decisions about equipment and program by becoming an Industry Champion. The commitment can be as little as responding to an emailed survey to serving as a mentor to a high school youth. Sign up here! 

What's this acronym, CTE?
CTE (Career & Technical Education) is not your father's woodshop class; it is a series of rigorous courses that make up a pathway leading to a promising, high-wage, high-demand career. Here's the official definition courtesy of our colleagues at the California Department of Education.
  • A program of study that involves a multiyear sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge to provide students with a pathway to postsecondary education and careers. (Follow CDE and CTE in CA on Twitter.)

Virtual Work-based Learning

Nepris is an online social network that connects classrooms with professionals passionate about their career. There are live events and archived conversations that can bring the world of work into our career centers, classrooms and labs.

Life-Ready, Career-Ready, College-Ready

Below is the #LifeReady plan PUHSD is rolling out to students. Give us your feedback by emailing Gregg Ramseth: gramseth at 

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Perkins Core Indicators

Our federal CTE funding---under the Perkins IV Act---measures the several "core" indicators. Our most recent data will be reported soon and then shared here.

Resources for Students

Resources for Parents

Resources for Staff

Industry Days

PUHSD students participated in several industry career days during 2018-19. Capture their experience via our CTE photo album collection. 


Advisory '18

Colfax hosted this year's annual industry advisory. Here's a recap, including the Micro-Maker Faire showcasing student work from several departments. photos & survey


PUHSD held six Lennar Homes hands-on workshops after school at Placer High. Thanks to Matt Conley, our construction and woodworking teacher who hosted these successful trainings.

Pathway Cards

Grab a rack card of each school's pathway options and help us spread the word that mastering career skills in high school opens doors to more career opportunities after graduation.

Industry Visits

Here are our industry visits from 2018.

Course Outline

CTE Teachers are using the Course Outline Builder developed by Sacramento County Office of Education. Completed course outlines articulate the course content and help advertise for pathway participation and completion. Course Outline Builder

Faculty Links


Career Paths

Pathway courses are available on each campus as well as in partnership with neighboring high schools and Placer County CTE Works. To complete a path, students take a minimum of three sequenced classes, also known as a program of study. The following sectors of the economy may be available on campus or within a reasonable driving distance.

College Classes

Opportunities for dual credit classes are now available. These are more advanced classes where a student earns credit for their high school transcript and simultaneously earns credit on a college transcript. Sierra College and Sacramento State have been our forward-thinking partners in the effort. Classes for 2016-17 include:
  • MECH 8: Principles of Electronics
  • AAD 70: Intro to Digital Design
  • AAD 79: Intro to Video Production
  • CET 1: Construction
  • CET 3: Construction
  • CET 5: Construction
  • CSC 10: Programming 1 (SacState)
  • AAD 70: Intro to Digital Design
  • AAD 79: Intro to Video Production
  • Biology of Sustainable Ag
  • Chemistry of Soil


Visit the YouTube Channel of one of our CTE & math teachers. Here's a sample of what's happening in his pre-engineering classes.