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Measure D Construction Update - April 2, 2020

In the spirit of “let’s not waste a good crisis,” based upon the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have made some decisions related to the construction projects at Del Oro High School. Given that schools are “closed” with only a small number of students on campus and very limited staff present, construction projects that were slated to begin in summer 2020 will commence immediately, beginning this week.  

Starting now gives us a much better chance of construction being completed prior to school starting in August 2020. The 100 wing will be immediately impacted. See project list.

Measure D Update - June 25, 2020

Bldg 100:

Demolition and utility work have been completed in the interior courtyard. Classroom demolition and abatement have begun and are nearly complete.  

The Building 100 roof replacement is currently about 40% complete.



CTE classroom modifications: Addendum 1 has gained DSA approval, and construction can now commence.This effort will convert three existing classrooms into two larger CTE classrooms with associated bathrooms. 

Learning Commons: Furniture procurement has commenced, as well as subcontractor quotes for the completion of phase 1 during summer 2020. 

Classroom Buildings: 

Building #1: The 12 classroom building is nearing completion and in the final stages of finishes and sign off, with the plan to be open by the start of school in August 2020. Site concrete is being poured around the building, and final grading of the adjacent parking lot has commenced. Paving will be completed in the next few weeks. 



Building #2: The 12 classroom building is scheduled for completion in late Sept 2020.

Measure D Update:  February 25, 2020 - Prop 51:
With the passage of Prop 51 in 2016, Placer Union High School District submitted applications to fund modernization and new construction (estimated at $6 million and $14 million respectively). We have been "in line" for the funding since June 2017, and we expect to receive funding once the governor allocates the sale of the bonds. Historically, bond sales take place in March and September. 

In keeping with this practice, PUHSD should see an estimated $6.43 million in modernization money sometime in May, and the $14.24 million in new construction money in November 2020.

Building #1 South: 
Bldg #1 roofing has begun and the second floor concrete deck is being placed next week.
The new classroom buildings and renovated 100 wing will be furnished with 21st century furniture to include desks, chairs and teachers' desks.

Building #2 North: 
Building footings are being excavated and utilities (water, gas, electrical, sewer) are being roughed in
Aerial shot of the area:
100 Wing: Anticipated completion - Summer 2020
We have engaged with Otto Construction to complete the 100 wing renovation. Renovations will include 21st century updates to improve classrooms, provide a new dance studio, include a new HVAC system and a beautifully remodeled courtyard. 

Learning Commons renovation - Anticipated completion of Phase 1 - Summer 2020

This is a multi-phased project transforming the existing library into a new age learning commons for 21st century learning. It will feature multiple seating arrangements to accommodate small and large group settings, while catering to new student learning environments. The renovation will feature new furniture, flooring and paint.



Check out the work going on in real time (as of Jan. 10).  Vide
Aerial images: 



Facilities Master Plan - 
General Obligation Bond Implementation

In order to meet the short and-long-term needs of more than 4,000 students within the Placer Union High School District, we developed a Facility Master Plan (FMP) in 2016 that outlines project lists and priorities as the basis for a potential General Obligation (GO) bond.

It is important to understand that a GO bond program entails a multi-year process that is reliant on phased access to funds. Additionally, the process to complete the Facility Master Plan included several meetings with stakeholders at many levels – community-wide meetings, staff, parents and students.

Fundamentally, the community and district established the priorities below to help guide the process:

1)      Address capacity – by providing permanent learning environments.

2)      Replace aging portable classrooms – Rather than renovate, replace aging portables with permanent classrooms.

3)      Improve aging infrastructure – Update old underground utilities, aging HVAC and other needed infrastructure, as well as maintain a safe and secure campus.

4)      STE(A)M – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math focus, in tandem with the Arts – Upgrade technology to accommodate and increase student learning and collaboration.

5)      Career Technical Education (CTE) – Increase flexible spaces designed to support project-based learning across all academic disciplines.

6)      Student Union/Learning Commons – Create a student-centered space for research, group study, and production to encourage student and teacher collaboration.

Project Summary

This project summary was developed with input from the FMP process, and was broken into three categories of “priority,” “go back” and “future”:


Ø     Site infrastructure

Ø     New classroom building (s)

Ø     Building 400 renovation

Ø     Building 100 HVAC

Go Backs:

Ø     Building 100 renovation


Ø     Site athletics & stadium upgrades

Ø     Building 200 upgrades (as needed)

New Construction/ Modernization Funding:

As of July 2017, the district has been in line with the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) to receive $14.24M in new construction monies for three new classroom buildings at Del Oro. We expect to receive this funding by Oct. 2020.

Prop 51:

$40M will ultimately mean $54.24M to the district when the state releases an additional $14.24 in Prop 51 funds to the district. New classroom buildings must be the priority in order to be eligible for this additional funding.

Measure D Purpose
 A duly called election was held in the district on November 6, 2018, and the returns were thereafter canvassed pursuant to   law. At the election there was submitted to and approved by the requisite fifty-five percent (55%) vote of the qualified electors of   the SFID voting on the following measure for incurring bonded indebtedness:
To repair/upgrade aging classrooms/facilities at Del Oro High School; repair deteriorating roofs/plumbing; upgrade science, math, computer, engineering labs and career education classrooms; maintain safe drinking water; reduce overcrowding; improve safety/security; shall the measure for Del Oro High School Facilities Improvement District No. 2 of Placer Union High School District issuing $40,300,000 in bonds at legal interest rates, averaging $2,341,000 raised annually until 2050, rates estimated at $27 per $100,000 assessed valuation be adopted, with independent oversight/audits, funding for Del Oro High School only.
Program Update: September 24, 2019

Bond issuance data:

Proposed timeline:

Bond construction messaging updates:

Del Oro building renderings - July, 2019

Courtyard Rendering and Artist Concepts 

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