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Board of Trustees

From right: Lynn MacDonald, Kathleen Geary. Maureen “Mo” Ward, 
Ron Oates, David Underwood, & Superintendent George Sziraki


Mrs. Kathleen Geary, Board Member 
(Term Expires 2020) 
Trustee Area #5 (Del Oro): email 
Trustee Geary was appointed to the Board in early 1999 and has since been re-elected to the Board multiple times. She served as a volunteer in the elementary schools and at Del Oro High School, including membership on the School Site Council, where each of her three sons graduated. Kathleen regularly attends school sites and district evens all throughout the Placer Union High School District’s communities. Kathleen volunteers her time as a member of Assistance League of Greater Placer which serves and supports the lives of children and adults through various community programs. Trustee Geary holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. 

Mrs. Lynn MacDonald, Board Member (Term Expires 2020) 
Trustee Area #1 (Colfax & Foresthill): email
Trustee MacDonald has served on the Placer Union High School District since her first election since 1978. Lynn is a credentialed teacher and is familiar with the operation of schools and of the issues that teachers and students face in the classroom and is well-recognized throughout the region as a solid support of schools, students, teachers, education and participates in school and community events throughout the PUHSD. Lynn’s nearly 40 years on the Board and dedication to children and education throughout her entire personal and professional career was recently recognized by the Board through the naming of the “Lynn MacDonald Education Center”. This center will house staff development and many other education-related trainings and events. 

Mr. Ron Oates, Board Clerk (Term Expires 2018) 
Trustee Area #4 (Del Oro): email
Trustee Oates is the father of six children- all of whom attended and graduated from Del Oro High School. Ron owns and operates a small business in Loomis and has served on the Board since 1993. His strong business sense is of great value to the Board. In addition to Ron’s service to students throughout the Placer Union High School District Board responsibilities, he is very active in his local church. 

Mr. David Underwood, Board Member (Term Expires 2018) 
Trustee Area #3 (Placer): email
Trustee Underwood was elected to the Board in 2014 after dedicating 39 years as a teacher at Placer High School District. David believes that education of the whole child is imperative with a strong focus on character education. He remains actively involved in the community and regularly travels abroad to visit different cultures. 

Ms. Maureen "Mo" Ward, Board President (Term Expires 2018) 
Trustee Area #2 (Placer): email
Trustee Ward has been a member of the Board since 1998. She is a small business owner, graduate of Del Oro High School and was previously a member of the Ackerman (Bowman) Elementary School District Board of Trustees (a foundation district) prior to being elected to the PUHSD Board. She is also a member of the Placer County School Boards Association where she has served multiple terms. Mo’s husband and both daughters are graduates of Placer High School. Mo is well known throughout community as a strong supporter and volunteer of the arts and of equal academic and athletic opportunities for males and females. 

George S. Sziraki, Jr., Ed.D.
Superintendent's email


Lisa Burlison
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent,
 PUHSD Board of Trustees & Student Board Members


The Student Board Member functions as a preferential non-binding voting representative to the Superintendent and the PUHSD Board of Trustees.  The Student Board Member provides the PUHSD Governing Body with information regarding student interests and concerns and ideas thereby enhancing relevance and effectiveness of many school site and district programs. 

WILLIAM VEREYKEN,Colfax High School: My family moved to the Colfax area before I turned 1. I attended Sierra Hills Elementary School and Weimar Hills Middle School, and am currently entering my 12th grade year at Colfax High School. At Colfax, I am an avid supporter of our athletics, and participate on the baseball team. I am also the founder and president of the chess club, a LINK crew member, and a dodgeball club member. In addition to my activities at Colfax, I attended Boys State this summer to learn about civics and government at a local and state level. After I graduate from Colfax, I plan to attend a 4-year university and study economics. No matter where I go in life, I will always be connected to Colfax in the opportunities it has provided to me.

JIANNA DOMINGO, Del Oro High School: As a transfer student, I have enjoyed immersing myself within the unique culture that embodies the Placer Union High School District. Becoming involved at Del Oro High School has been a life changing experience; being a part of the Varsity Girls Tennis Team, serving as my graduating class’s Homecoming hall Chair, and overtaking the WINGS program have all contributed to cultivating a strong sense of belonging to Loomis. I strive to give back to my community, an volunteer within the national Charity League for non-profits that include the Placer SPCA, Susan G Komen and Special Olympics. Additionally, my family raises Guide Dogs for the Blind, where we have spent the last year raising our loving puppy Zuri. Outside of school, I aim to live a balanced lifestyle by challenging myself on the tennis court, playing piano, and culturing myself through art, music and travel. I plan on majoring in both English and Education in college, with hopes of becoming an English Teacher. Serving as a Student Board Member will surely translate into my future! I am beyond excited to be the representative of Del Oro High School while striving to enrich and enhance an already strong community.

BLAISE ROPPER, Foresthill High School: Hello, I am Blaise Roper and I am a senior attending Foresthill Wildfires. I am a very active student and participate a lot in school. Right now I am playing my 4th year of football with the Wildfires and also going to play golf for my third year. Besides school, I am very active in the outdoors. I am a Eagle Scout with Troop 26 which lead me to a lot of opportunities in the outdoors. I have been on a 72 mile hike, a 53 mile canoe trip, and have camped more times than I can count. I also am very active in the diving community and have achieved my master Scuba Certification and plan to be a Suba Instructor. Then last but not least I have also achieved my Black Belt in TaeKwonDo when I was 12 and I still try to keep up on my skills for self-defense. But the reason why I became a part of the PUHSD Student Board is because after all of these things I have achieved, I haven’t made enough of a difference in other people’s lives. I want to take my tools that I have learned and make a difference in our schools, so that’s why I am here. 

BRENN HAYDON, Placer High School: I am proud to be the 8th generation of my family to live in Auburn and I have been raised to love my community! When I am not busy with school related activities, I am cultivating vegetables and fruits in my 60 square foot garden, running the canyon trails on my cross country team, water coloring. I am also an avid cross country skier and feel my winter would not be complete without skiing the trails of the Sierra Mountains. I am passionate about well-being and health. While I am planning on majoring in Humanities and Italian Language and Culture, I would love to be a teacher when I am finished with college. What better way to impact my community than through education! I love traveling and learning about differing cultures, but Auburn will always be my home!


Students are the #1 priority in the PUHSD and the #1 source of information about our schools and their peers.  The PUHSD Board of Trustees holds high regard for the student Voice.  Dr. Sziraki, Superintendent, meets with student board members and students from each school site throughout the PUHSD to gain their perspectives and feedback on a variety of topics.  The Council meets quarterly to discuss topics including school culture and climate, community service, leadership and items that are brought forward by student board members.  Student Board members will facilitate each meeting.  NEXT MEETING:  February 7 at noon...hosted at Del Oro High School and via Google Hangouts!

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As the official governing body of the District, the Board:
  • Is a trustee for students
  • Hears the views of the public
  • Sets District policies and goals
  • Decides how to prioritize and spend District funds
  • Maintains relationships with other school boards and related organizations
  • Oversees employee relations and approves contracts
  • Establishes curriculum and standards 
The Superintendent of the District serves as the chief executive officer, manages district staff, and ensures that Board policies are carried out. 

As the policy making body for the Placer Union High School District, the Board of Trustees is charged with providing a quality public education program for the residents of the Placer Union High School District in accordance with the California Constitution, State Education Code, other state and federal laws, adopted Board policies, and hears the desires expressed by the community. As elected officials, Board members are state officers responsible for the governance of the school district, which is considered a subdivision of the state. Beyond the establishment of school district policies, the Board is responsible for adoption of the annual budget and approval of all expenditures; employment of personnel; approval of curriculum, textbooks and courses of study; and decision making relative to the purchase, planning and construction of all school district property. Board members have no power to act individually in the name of the entire Board. Action can only be taken when a majority of the Board is in formal session.

The PUHSD Board of Trustees encourages your attendance at its Board meetings and has established a process for you to express your views to the Board.  If you wish to address the Board on an agenda item, please complete a blue speaker card at give it to the Executive Assistant as soon as possible and prior to the item being called.  Any additional materials (e.g. copies of your remarks, charts or graphs, copies of articles or reports) you present will be copied and presented to all Board members after the meeting.  The Board President will randomly call on persons submitting cards.

If you wish to address the Board on an item that is not on the Agenda, you may speak during the Public Comment Period scheduled at the beginning of each meeting.  Board members are legally prohibited from discussing non-agenda items (according to the Brown Act) and, therefore, cannot respond to items presented in this venue.  Members of the public are provided three (3) minutes to speak during Public Comment Period.

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 and responsibilities of California school boards.